After School Program (ASP)

ICSAtlanta offers an After School Program for students in K-3rd grade at the Lower Campus and 4th-6th grade at the Upper Campus, with weekly and monthly options.

To ensure appropriate student-to-instructor ratios, we must have an accurate student count. For the initial registration period (7/19 - 7/23), therefore, we will charge a $50 registration fee. This fee will reserve (but not guarantee) a spot in our ASP program. If the number of students registered exceeds the spots available, selection will be based on the order registration was received.

  • Selected students will automatically be registered within 48 hours, and the registration fee will be applied to the first week/month.

  • If your student is not selected for our ASP program, you will receive a full registration fee refund.

  • If your student is selected to attend ASP, but you choose not to attend ASP, your registration fee will be forfeited.

Changes for the 2021-2022 school year:

Rates will be $80/week.

ASP times will be from immediately after school until 6 PM (we will no longer offer programming until 6:30 PM).


Please note that we are a PREPAID program. Registration must be accompanied by debit/credit card on file located in the ASP Parent Portal, in order to reserve a spot in ASP. If you do not place a card on file, your student will not be registered and will not be allowed to attend ASP.


We will have a Wednesday-only option (due to early dismissal); however, the Wednesday-only option is only available for monthly registration (except the first week). Refunds and/or credits will not be issued for days not attended. Registration for Wednesday-only will be due on the first of the month or the last Friday of the month (if the first of the month falls on a weekday other than Friday).


Our registration program is very user-friendly. Weekly registration is required (you may also select additional weeks or the monthly option); however, once registration is completed, ICSAtlanta will automatically process the payment each week (on Monday) using the debit/credit card on file. In other words, parents select the desired week or month, but the program will automatically withdraw the funds based on the selection. Initial registration will show a zero balance. Once payment is processed, the payment will show in the statement area of the ASP parent portal.

Registration for May 2022 will open on 4/25 at 4PM.