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As the ICSAtlanta Governing Board, our key areas of oversight are: academic, financial, and operational. Our priorities include:
  • Supporting the school mission and monitoring progress towards fulfilling the mission
  • Developing and monitoring organizational/strategic planning
  • Ensuring adequate resources and financial viability
At each of the regularly-scheduled monthly meetings, time is alloted as part of the agenda for Public Comments in order to allow parents, businesses or organizations, or school employees to address the Board. The Public Comment period is designed to gain input from the public and not for immediate responses by the Board to the public comments presented. While the Board cannot ensure each speaker of a specific or individualized response after the meeting, the Board will consider public comments and any supporting materials provided by speakers. Please click on the link above to review the Board Meeting Guidelines.

Please note that parents are urged to first seek resolution with the school administration. For example, if it is a student matter, the first point of contact is usually the teacher. If the matter has not been addressed by the appropriate staff: the teacher, the campus Director, and then the Executive Director, and the parent feels that additional attention is warranted, then the next point of contact is the Governing Board. All are welcome to email the Board at Please note that Board Members are volunteers and may take 72 hours or more to respond.
IMPORTANT NOTE: All documents for Governing Board meetings are located on ICSAtlanta's BoardDocs website located HERE. For board documents from January 2018-February 2019, please click HERE

Governing Board Information

2024-2025 Governing Board Meeting Dates

ICSAtlanta's fiscal year is July 1 - June 30.

All these meetings begin at 7 PM.


June 19**

July 17**

August 28**

September 18**

October 30**

November 20

December 18**


January 29**

February 26**

March 26**

April 30**

May 28**

June 25**


**(teleconferencing: please see event calendar on homepage for board meeting link)

Annual Operating Budget

Individuals may also request an electronic copy of ICSAtlanta's line item, detailed adopted annual operating budget at no cost and within 3 business says. Please send your request to

NOTICE: Committee, Budget, & Called Meetings

Finance Committee Meeting:

**3/26/24 @ 7:00 PM

Budget Hearing Meeting 1:


Budget Hearing Meeting 2:


6:00 PM for FY24 Adjusted Budget Hearing
6:30 PM for FY25 Budget Hearing

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