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How to Support ICSAtlanta

We need YOUR help!

As a state charter school, the International Charter School of Atlanta only receives a percentage of funding that traditional public schools receive. Funding for our public school only comes from the state, meaning that ICSAtlanta does not receive any local funding. Please see How ICSAtlanta is Funded for more information on our funding. See our op-ed on the need for funding


In order to bridge this funding gap, ICSAtlanta relies on the support of parents, families, the community, and businesses to ensure that ICSAtlanta delivers a robust and dynamic education to its students and builds a stronger community serving the state of Georgia. Email for sponsorship and giving opportunities!


ICSAtlanta raises funds throughout the year to help bridge the funding gap from being a state charter school. We never sell cookie dough or gift wrap, but we ask that every family give as they are able.


Fall Giving Campaign - Oct 2nd- Nov. 28th


Cultural Events - throughout the year (funds for specific language tracks)


Carpool Tag Sponsorships


Please email for more information on giving to ICSAtlanta!

Ways to Give

Tax ID: 46-2945113

ICSAtlanta offers sponsorship opportunities throughout the year. We can also use donations of goods and services.


If you or your business are looking for ways to show your support, please see the Wolf Pack Store or email


The International Charter School of Atlanta is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.  No goods or services are provided for donations.  Please contact your tax advisor regarding specific questions about any donation. Tax ID: 46-2945113


Please note that donations or any material support do not guarantee a class slot for any student during enrollment.  Every student will have an equal opportunity to enroll in ICSAtlanta.

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