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Specials for Kindergarten - 5th Grade

In addition to their core academic classes, students at ICSAtlanta enjoy instruction in a variety of other courses, or specials. Students attend these classes according to a weekly rotation outlined below:

PE (2 days)

Music (1 day)

Art (1 day)

Hub (Library) Rotation (1 day)

Course Descriptions

Physical Education (PE)

Physical education is directly related to learning. Young, developing brains require play and movement. ICSAtlanta's PE program is designed to teach about the importance of physical health and wellness through games, exercise, and movement in general. Please have your child(ren) wear gym shoes on their assigned PE days (classroom teachers will inform parents regarding class PE days).


ICSAtlanta's music program is designed for students to explore musical concepts, movement, and theory while having fun and learning to love and appreciate music!


Students will learn to enjoy, appreciate, and create art. They will create their own masterpieces inspired by the elements of art and principles of design.

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