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Learning Options

Before submitting your learning option registration form (due Friday, December 4th at 5 PM), please note that there have been several updates to our learning options. A few key ones are outlined below, but please make sure to read your registration acknowledgements carefully before completing and submitting your learning choice registration form.


a) Registration will be for the entire semester (January through May), not for only 9 weeks. If a parent requests a transfer from one learning option to another after the deadline, the child will be placed on a waitlist, but the transfer cannot be guaranteed.

(b)  ALL students who return to in-person learning will be required to wear masks. We will no longer accept face shields alone (without a medical excuse). If a student wears both, that is fine, but a shield alone will no longer be acceptable.

(c) If a student is failing classes, not demonstrating appropriate attendance in online classes, or not demonstrating appropriate etiquette in online sessions (camera on, microphone muted, attending to the teacher), the parent's registration (for that child) for online learning will be denied or revoked (unless a medical excuse for an inability to return to in-person learning is provided), and that child will be required to attend school in-person. 

(d) For online learners, your child MUST attend LIVE class sessions to be counted as present.  Watching a video and submitting work will no longer suffice as fulfilling attendance requirements. The only exceptions will be in times of school-announced work session days (i.e. no live sessions that day) or during school-wide or class-wide quarantines.

(e) We have changed our in-person temperature cut off. It is now 99.9 or higher. If your child has a temperature of 99.9 or higher, do not bring her/him to school. We know this is lower than the recommended cut-off, but we have found this temperature to be a better indicator for our school. 


Mandatory: ALL STUDENTS need to be registered for either the in-person or 100% online learning option. ALL STUDENTS must be re-registered, regardless of your current choice.

Registration links were emailed out. If you cannot find the email in your inbox, please login to your ICSAtlanta Infinite Campus Parent Portal to access the email. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Will my child have his/her current teacher for online or in-person learning?

Current teachers can be guaranteed for neither online nor in-person learning.  We have to create completely new schedules to deal with the demands of concurrent in-school and online programming.  


Will my child's online learning schedule be the same as it is now?

Once we have the registrations returned (for both online and in-person), we will need to recreate all schedules. Though we understand the need for consistency, it would be impossible for us to maintain the current schedules of all online students (as they have been quite varied during 100% online learning).   


Will teachers conduct virtual learning sessions at the same time as in-person learning sessions? 

Yes, for middle school students.


What will be the times for in-person learning?

Times for in-person learning will remain the same as always; our school start and end times are posted on our website and in the Parent & Student Handbook.

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