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After School Program (ASP)

ICSAtlanta offers an After School Program for students in K-3rd grade at the Lower Campus and 4th-6th grade at the Upper Campus, with weekly and monthly options.


Registration is closed during 100% online learning.


Registration for in-person learners (only) beginning Monday, October 26th


Registration will open Monday October 5th at 3 PM.  The initial registration will end October 16th at 5 PM. Future ASP registrations will close every Friday for each upcoming week (or when we have reached maximum capacity). 


To ensure we have the ASP staff necessary to implement social distancing guidelines, we must have an accurate count of ASP students numbers. For the initial reservation (10/6 - 10/16), therefore, we will charge a $50 registration fee. This fee will reserve (but not guarantee) a spot in ASP.  If registration exceeds the spots available, selection will be based on the order of registration. If your student is selected to attend ASP, the registration fee will be applied toward the first week/month. 


If your student is selected, but you choose not to attend ASP, your registration fee will be forfeited. Selected students will automatically be registered within 48 hours unless notification has been received. If your student is not selected for our ASP program, you will receive a full registration fee refund.


Please note that we are a PREPAID program. Registration must be accompanied by debit/credit card on file located in the ASP Parent Portal, in order to reserve a spot in ASP. If you do not place a card on file, you student will not be registered and will not be allowed to attend ASP


We will have a Wednesday-only option (due to early dismissal); however, the Wednesday-only option is only available for monthly registration (except the first week). Refunds and/or credits will not be issued for days not attended.  Registration for Wednesday-only will be due on the first of the month, or last Friday of the month (if the first of the month falls on a weekday other than Friday).


Our registration program is very user friendly. Weekly registration is required (you may also select additional weeks or the monthly option); however, once registration is completed,  ICSAtlanta will automatically process the payment each week (on Monday) using the debit/credit card on file. In other words, parents select the desired week or month, but the program will automatically withdraw the funds based on the selection. Initial registration will show a zero balance. Once payment is processed, the payment will show in the statement area of the ASP parent portal.


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