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ICSAtlanta Clubs

ICSAtlanta is pleased to offer a number of exciting and engaging clubs for our students! Clubs are separate from the After School Program (ASP) and outside vendors. The club offering changes each semester to provide a variety of opportunities for students and reflect the special talents and interests of our faculty. PLEASE DIRECT ANY QUESTIONS TO INFO@ICSATLANTA.ORG.


Spring 2020 Clubs

Schedule: January 27 - April 20th (11 weeks)

Breaks: Clubs will not meet on the weeks of winter and spring breaks.

Cost: $99 for all clubs to cover expenses; yearlong or by-invitation-only clubs may have a higher fee and/or additional required or optional fees. 

Enrollment: Parents will have the chance to indicate interest for a club. When enrolled in a club, a student's parent will then be given instructions to pay the club fee.

Pick-up: Students must be picked up promptly at the end of the club or indicate that the student should go to ASP (please register for ASP separately). Please pick up children at Door 2 (both campuses) by parking and walking up to the door.

Club Information & Enrollment Process

Please read this information carefully.

  1. Complete ONE Club Interest Form (see below) for each student any time by January 14th, 6:00 p.m. Date and time received (before the deadline) will not determine placement in a club.

  2. Indicate the student's first, second, and third choice club. We will try to ensure that every student who wants to participate in a club is able to participate in one club. You will have the chance to mark if your child would like more than one club if possible. Selecting only a first choice club will not increase a student's chance of being enrolled in that club.

  3. After the club interest period has ended, ICSAtlanta will determine club enrollment based on interest and preference, as well as eligibility to participate in a club. Any club with more interest than available space will be subject to a lottery to determine the club roster. Decisions on club enrollment will be final.

  4. ICSAtlanta will email parents with club enrollment information. If your child is enrolled in a club, you will receive a link to pay the club fee. The club fee must be paid by January 22nd at 6:00 p.m, or the space may be given to another student.

  5. Students will be pulled from the waiting list as spaces open up in clubs. Parents will receive an email if their child is enrolled in a club.

  6. Enrollment in clubs is not guaranteed.  ICSAtlanta tries to give every student interested the opportunity to participate in at least one club.  Please understand that your child will probably be unable to attend more than one club and may not necessarily be in his or her first choice. 

  7. Students are expected to adhere to ICSAtlanta's Code of Conduct during their time in clubs.  Participation in a club is a privilege, and students' behavior should reflect this.  Club teachers maintain the right to dismiss a student from club activities for a club session or the remainder of the semester for disrespectful, interruptive, or any other type of inappropriate behavior.  Refunds will not be provided if a student is removed from a club for inappropriate behavior.

  8. Refunds will not be issued after the first day of your child's club for any reason.


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