School Lunch Program

ICSAtlanta offers nutritious lunch options available for purchase from a local vendor. Students and staff at ICSAtlanta can either bring their own packed lunch or order lunch from Atlanta Lunch Company. When packing your child's lunch, please remember to be cognizant of any nut allergeries in your student's class (your teacher will tell you). All foods sent should be ready to eat. There are no microwaves or refrigerators available for students. ICSAtlanta is a soda-free school, and students are not allowed to have sodas for lunch or snack. 

Atlanta Lunch Company

Atlanta Lunch Company is a locally owned company, providing only the highest quality ingredients for their school lunch programs.  Their foods are all natural and never contain any high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, artificial colors, flavors or added nitrates.  The menu is also 100% "nut-free."


You can order their all-natural, fresh, and healthy entrees directly from their website (please click HERE for more information).  Entrees are pre-ordered and delivered to school daily in time for lunch. 


Click HERE to visit the Atlanta Lunch Company website to learn more and place your child's lunch order. The ordering portal will request a school code. For the lower campus, the code is ICSATL1 and for the upper campus, the code is ICSATL2.